We are all readers.

Imagine that people are like books, from a young age, we start this reading process and during our lives we process hundreds or thousands of books.
sometimes you can read a book (a person) in a month, sometimes two, sometimes in years and some books are never meant to be understood. that's perfectly fine, as in the world there are so so so many types of books so everyone can find "the one".
how many books does each of us store on the heart's shelf? we do occasionally blow off the dust from them but those books are meant to stay memories.
do you remember the first book you've read? now after years, you may probably understand the real meaning it holds.
but it's late, the past is past it can't be changed. People come and go from our lives, we don't have to hold them, but only to learn and let them go.
in life, nothing is superficial neither accidental so never underestimate the power of reading, either it's a magazine or a scientific book the purpose is to acquire the ability to read between the lines and to find the perfect book for every stage of your life.

Irina Catarau

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